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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:44 am

Main Rules

  1. Be respectful here. This is not only limited to the staff but the other members as well. We would like to keep a friendly environment here. Trolling, verbal abuse and harassment will not be tolerated here. If you are being harassed please contact an admin.

  2. Do not spam here. Do not double post or post anything that isn't relevant to the thread. We like to keep this forum looking neat and not cluttered.

  3. If you wish to advertise just do it in the advertisement section. Do not post anywhere else. If you post anywhere else, your ad will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

  4. This site runs a 1 character per account rule and one may only have up to three different accounts without admin permission for more. Also, please try to have a username related to your character.

  5. No drama allowed, again, we would like to keep a friendly environment around here.

Chatbox Rules

  1. Keep all language in the chatbox PG-13. Despite most of us being older 13, there are a bunch of us who aren't 18 yet. Swearing is allowed, but don't drop the f bomb constantly. Sexual content, and extremely graphic content are forbidden. As mentioned before, most members including some of the staff aren't even adults yet, so keep a PG-13 environment here.

  2. Advertisement here is strictly forbidden. You are allowed to link a different site if you like, however don't spam the chatbox with links of your site. That is what the advertisement section is made for. If you do spam the chatbox with advertisements your account will be banned and the messages will be cleared.

Roleplaying Rules

  1. No God-modding. Godmodding is basically when one character controls another character. This includes how somebody feels to any thoughts or actions they have or make. Unless you are the owner of a certain character, do not control them. This is strictly forbidden and there are no exceptions to this rule.

  2. No meta-gaming. Remember, any knowledge that you have in a topic is known through IC (in character) experiences. OOC (out of character) you may know lets say Bob but IC you don't know Bob. Mentioning Bob (unless he's widely known ie.being a guild master) in a topic would be considered metagaming.

  3. Auto-Hitting is can easily be one of the most broken rules. This way you're not technically controling somebody but you are in a way. Auto-Hitting is when you automatically inflict damage on somebody. Say you're in a fight. Person A posts that he threw a punch that was so fast that you couldn't dodge it and it hit. This is auto-hitting. That's not very fair now is it?

  4. Third Person, Past Tense ONLY.There may be such thing as first person roleplays but this site is not one of them. This rule is not only limited to roleplaying but character creation as well.

  5. Thread order is very important here. Say you joined Thread A and soon Thread B. You cannot mention anything about Thread B in Thread A due to the fact Thread A took place before Thread B.

  6. Posting Order is similar to thread order. If Person A posted first then followed by Person B and Person C it goes in the order of A, B, C, not A, B, A, C, A etc. This makes the thread less confusing and easier to rp. Unless person B hasn't made a post in 48 hours or he/she had requested to skip them, you may not make a post.

  7. Unless this is an OOC post, don't post just one sentence. This will bring the thread nowhere. A minimum of 4 sentences, (it cannot be one worded sentences) is required. Any post that fails to do so will be deleted and its poster will be given a warning.

  8. Any mature topic that is very gorey, gruesome, or violent mark the title with (Mature). Any Sexual Content doesn't apply for it is strictly forbidden. If you wish to do anything similar to that, do it through PMs. As stated before, this is a PG-13 site.

  9. Respect the labellings. Unless the is marked open, what is stated fits your description (ie. Joining a thread labelled Open to Fairy Tail and you are a Fairy Tail member) or your username is in the description, do not join that thread. Especially if its marked private

  10. Fighting, Killing and Permanent Damage will always be an option in a thread for anyone in it unless it says so in the title of the topic. You can use Social, NK (for no killing), NPD (for No permanent damage) or any other phrase in the title. Please put it in brackets.



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